The acolytes are the successors of the Brotherhood of Evil and are the followers and military force of Magneto. The acolytes waged war on humanity combating GRSO soilders which has begun with a global genocide of mutantkind. The acolytes appear on the Boshnoi nuclear Powerplant, The Equator and Asteroid M. Magneto appeared with two acolyte masters and Havok when trying to convince the X-men to join the acolytes.


Acolyte Military Personal

  • Acolyte Master
  • Acolyte Adept: Is one of the powerful acolytes with powerful psionic attacks, they are the successor of the Brotherhood Missionary and their special attacks are yellow instead of light blue. They have similar attacks
  • Acolyte Warrior: A powerful unit with powerful close combat abilities and towers of other characters. They are similar to Brotherhood Marauders but instead the special abilities are more powerful and are green instead of yellow. Their special attacks consist of a basic power punch which can do a fair amount of damage and can knock back any X-man with ease, the second is a ground pound which can easily knock back the whole X-men team, the third is a power up which makes them more resistant to punishment be it physical, mental or energy attacks. The warriors are ultimate close combat soldiers because in addition to their special attacks their normal attacks along with the ability to throw is that of a brute character, their are a numerous opponent which makes them really deadly. they are heavily resistant to physical attacks but extremely susceptible to energy attacks so its highly recommended to use characters such as Gambit, Jubilee, Cyclops, Storm, Magma and Iceman.
  • Acolyte: A powerful soldier with the same abilities as the Brotherhood Revolutionary accept they're more powerful and blue instead of green rays of energies. Their powers consists of a simple energy blast, a close range stun blast and very basic hand to hand combat attack. They are energy resistant so its recommended to use a close combat specialist like Wolverine, Beast, Rogue or Colossus.