Vital Stats
Real Name Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis
Nicknames Lanche
Gender Male
Powers Seismokinesis
Voice Actor Peter Lurie
"What is this? A fight or a square dance?"

Avalanche (AKA Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis) is a Cretan mutant and member of the Brotherhood. He possesses the ability to generate seismic waves from his hands, that are strong enough to create earthquakes of varying sizes and to disintegrate any substance other than living tissue.

In X-Men Legends, Avalanche is voiced by Peter Lurie (who also voices Sabretooth).

X-Men Legends Edit

Avalanche first appears in New York City when Wolverine pursues Blob and Mystique as they attempt to abduct Alison Crestmare. When Wolverine comes across the Greek mutant, Avalanche uses his mutant abilities to create a huge wall and blocks Wolverine's path before running away.

Avalanche is seen again and this time, is confronted on the Mount alongside Sabretooth. There, he reveals to the X-Men that the Brotherhood have been using Gateway to transport new recruits to the Mount through the New York's Sewers, so they can gain access a teleporter to be transported to Asteroid M. Avalanche and Sabretooth engage the X-Men but are defeated. As the two make their escape, Avalanche destroys the teleporter before disappearing in order to prevent the X-Men from gaining access to Asteroid M.

Later, when the X-Men travel to the Astral Plane via the Astral Gate, they encounter Dark Avalanche, an astral illusion of the real Avalanche created by Shadow King. In the Hall of Earth, after the heroes collect one of the three fragments of Professor Xavier's mind, they are confronted and challenged by Dark Avalanche, who ends up defeated by them.