Vital Stats
Real Name Unknown
Nicknames None
Gender Male
Powers Energy blasts
Voice Actor Peter Lurie

Holocaust is one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse and a boss in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse.

In the game, Holocaust is voiced by Peter Lurie (who also voices Sabretooth and Blob).

X-Men Legends II: Rise of ApocalypseEdit

In the game, Holocaust serves as one of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen. He resides in the ancient Madri Temple in Canada, protecting The Stepford Cuckoos as they use their psychic powers to hold a number of world leaders into comas. Later, after the X-Men and the Brotherhood travel to the Madri Temple and release the leaders from their comas, Holocaust helps the Cuckoos in fighting the team. However, despite their combined strength, he and the three sisters end up being defeated, and the Madri Temple is completely disbanded in the process.