Vital Stats
Real Name Kurt Wagner
Nicknames Elf, Fuzzy Elf
Gender Male
Powers Teleporting
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
"Pity. I do so love the spotlight. But perhaps what I loved the most was people's assumption that I was just a regular human dressed in a devil's costume."

Nightcrawler is a playable character in X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. Nightcrawler has three abilities and one xtreme in X-Men Legends his first power involves teleporting in to curtain areas and to kick a enemy from behind, and his second one he can teleport multiple times all over one or more enemy's, his last power he can become nearly invisible to targets, and his xtreme involves teleporting everywhere on screen hitting enemy's nearby and this is called blind side blitz. Beat the second level two unlock him.


Nightcrawler Real Name: Kurt Wagner

Though he looks like a demon from hell, the soft-spoken Nightcrawler is devoutly religious. He grew up as a member of a travelling circus where he was safe because his thousands of admirers assumed his devilish looks were merely a costume. But once it was discovered that he truly was a mutant with a tail and pointed ears, the villagers of a town attempted to kill him. Had Professor Xavier not intervened, Kurt most surely would have died.

Although gifted with amazing agility that was honed by years with the circus, Nightcrawler's primary mutant talent is the ability to teleport; vanishing from one spot and reapearring in another. The only drawback is that he must see the area he is teleporting to, otherwise he could materialize in a solid object.


Aside from his superhuman agility, Nightcrawler has the ability to teleport in any direction in an instant--with one restriction: He must be able to see his destination. He also has the ability to blend into shadows to such a degree that he is nearly invisible to the naked eye.