Omega Red
Omega red
Vital Stats
Real Name Arkady Rossovich
Nicknames Red Death
Vasyliev Arkady
Gender Male
Powers Superhuman Abilities
Voice Actor Steve Blum

Omega Red (AKA Arkady Rossovich) is a boss in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. An infamous serial killer born in Russia, he was captured by Interpol and turned over to the KGB, who experimented on him as part of the Soviet Super Soldier project, similar to the one that created Captain America. Omega Red became the end result.

In X-Men Legends II, Omega Red is voiced by Steve Blum (who also voices Wolverine).

X-Men Legends II: Rise of ApocalypseEdit

In the game, Omega Red is working for both Apocalypse and Mikhail Rasputin. The X-Men and the Brotherhood later encounter him in the underground Nuwali Temple in the Savage Land. As they do, Omega Red states that Apocalypse had promised him his own domain in Apocalypse's "new world order" and also states that Beast, who had been kidnapped earlier by Apocalypse during the X-Mansion's destruction, was used to translate the symbols on the walls of the Nuwali Temple, after the previous translator was murdered. After this conversation, Omega Red fights the teams and ends up defeated.