Vital Stats
Real Name Anna Marie (surname unknown)
Nicknames Anna
Gender Female
Powers Ability Drain
Voice Actor Erin Matthews (X-Men Legends)
Catherine Taber (X-Men Legends II)

Rogue is playable after completing the first level along with Storm, Iceman, Beast, and Jean Grey and her powers include the ability drain when she is allowed to possess enemy's powers except bosses, her other insist bullet proof meaning she can toughen her skin an increase defenses,another one allows her to build her hand with power and strength and knocks out an enemy,in the sequel she has a special dialogue with mystique if she is on the team on the first mission on the second base,she has many powers in the sequel using manic slam (xtreme) tremor, and many others.


Real Name: Unknown

Rogue is from a small town along the banks of the Mississippi Rivers in the Deep South, as her thick accent will attest to. It was a good and peaceful life, but that was all to vanish when her mutant powers became active and she nearly killed a boy after kissing him. Confused and frightened, Rogue ran away from home and was befriended by Mystique, who brought her to the Brotherhood of Mutants. There she met Magneto and the two fell in love. But eventually Rogue realized that the Brotherhood’s message of hatred and violence was wrong, and she joined the X-Men. She still harbors great resentment towards Mystique for lying to her, but she also holds a special fondness towards Magneto. But her current love, Gambit, is more than enough to keep her mind off her Brotherhood memories.


Rogue's mutant talent is also her curse; should her skin come into contact with any mutant or human, she will absorb their memories and abilities. Should she remain in contact with anyone too long, she will absorb their life force and kill them. Because of this, she is forced to wear gloves and is destined to never feel the touch of another. Rogue also has the ability to fly and she has super-human strength.