Vital Stats
Real Name Victor Creed
Nicknames None
Gender Male
Powers Healing Factor
Voice Actor Peter Lurie
"I'm gonna rip you up!"

Sabretooth (AKA Victor Creed) is a member of the Brotherhood and the arch nemesis of Wolverine. In X-Men Legends, he is a boss fought twice in the game. In X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, Sabretooth appears as a NPC. However, he is playable in the PC version of the game.

In both games, Sabretooth is voiced by Peter Lurie (who also voices Avalanche, Blob and Holocaust).

X-Men Legends Edit

Sabretooth is first seen in the game, when the X-Men confront him and Avalanche on the Mount. After Avalanche tells the X-Men about the Brotherhood's plans for the coming war, Sabretooth aids him in fighting the heroes, but the both of them end up defeated. Despite their defeat, Sabretooth and Avalanche retreat back to Asteroid M with Avalanche destroying the teleporter, so the X-Men can't follow.

Later, near the end of the game, Sabretooth fights against the X-Men one final time on Asteroid M, this time alongside Magneto and Mystique. However, despite the combined efforts of him, Mystique and their leader, they all end up defeated.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Edit

Sabretooth returns in the sequel as a non-playable character. However, he is playable in the PC version.

In the game's main story, Sabretooth first appears at the very beginning of the game. He accompanies Magneto and Mystique to Greenland, where they meet up with Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm and Nightcrawler to rescue Professor Charles Xavier from his torture cell.

After rescuing Professor Xavier, the party travels to Genosha, where the X-Men and the Brotherhood team up in order to defeat Apocalypse. As soon as they arrive, Sabretooth reluctantly requests the team's help in saving Blink, who was left behind in the Dead Zone during Apocalypse's attack on the island. After Blink is rescued, Sabretooth, despite his hatred towards the X-Men, thanks them for saving her.

Later, it's revealed that Sabretooth is the fourth and final mutant possessing Harmonic DNA. When the X-Men and the Brotherhood manage to sneak into Apocalypse's Tower via New York City's sewer system, they later meet up with Beast, who has brought Sabretooth along as protection. However, this turns out to be a trap. Beast, who is now revealed to be Dark Beast under the influence of Mister Sinister's evil drugs, teleports Sabretooth to the top of the Tower and hands him over to Apocalypse. Afterwards, he and Apocalypse take Sabretooth prisoner and teleport with him to Giza, Egypt, leaving the X-Men and the Brotherhood to fight against Archangel.

A short time later, Sabretooth awakes to find himself bound in a test tube, along with Emma Frost, Polaris and Quicksilver. Thus, all four mutants with Harmonic DNA are now altogether. Later after Apocalypse's defeat, Sabretooth is present when the Brotherhood and the X-Men part ways.