Vital Stats
Real Name Mortimer Toynbee
Nicknames Mort
Gender Male
Powers Superhuman Leaping
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Agility
Superhuman Reflexes
Superhuman Durability
Regenerative Healing Factor
Prehensile Tongue
Voice Actor Armin Shimerman
"No. me real name's Mortimer Toynbee, but they call me Toad 'cause of how I look. Say, would you mind lettin' me out of here for a few ticks - just to stretch me legs?"

Toad (AKA Mortimer Toynbee) is a British mutant and member of the Brotherhood. He's often depicted as a weak, hunchbacked mutant with a superhuman leaping ability, agility, toxic saliva and prehensile tongue. Toad appears as a boss in X-Men Legends and a playable characters in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse.

In both games, Toad is voiced by Armin Shimerman.

X-Men Legends Edit

Toad first appears in the game, when he, Mystique, Pyro and the rest of the Brotherhood travel to the HAARP Research Facility in Alaska. When the X-Men arrive, Mystique tells Pyro to destroy the mutant heroes, while she and Toad escape. However, the Brotherhood later leave the facility and accidentally leave Toad behind. Because of this, Toad is cornered by the X-Men and forced to face them alone. After being defeated by them, they interrogate him and then take him back to the X-Mansion, where he's imprisoned in the subbasement's brig.

Later, after the X-Men's trips to the Astral Plane and the old Weapon X facility in Canada, Toad is freed by Magneto, when he travels to the X-Mansion along with Havok.


X-Men LegendsEdit


X-Men Legends 2Edit